TCS Mass Transit

TCS Mass Transit iteratively carries out real-time traffic predictions, conflicts identification and resolution.

TCS Mass Transit functionalities are based on a complex mathematical representation which accurately models the real problem. In particular, train controls, operating restrictions and traffic preferences are all embedded in the model. This allows for accurate traffic prediction and regulation. 

Traffic Controls: this module identifies a suitable mix of dispatching decisions in order to meet targets and requirements. Such decisions include trains scheduling, routing and speed control.

Major targets: punctuality, regularity, energy-efficiency, passenger satisfaction and train coordination.

TCS Mass Transit is composed by two indipendent modules, TCS-Mass Line and TCS-Mass Terminal Station:

  • CRS-Mass Line: This solution decision support and control for dispatching of an entire underground system. It was developed for and tested on 5 lines of the London underground system.

  • CRS-Mass Terminal StationThis solution was designed to specifically manage terminal stations. It was in put in operation in the Milano underground in year 2007-09. An extensive test-campaign showed improvements in punctuality and regularity by almost 10% with respect to expert dispatchers (see  [1])The work received the Excellence in Practice Award 2009, assigned by the Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO).


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