TCS Main Line

TCS Main Line offers a broad range of functionalities, such as:

Traffic Prediction: shows how traffic will evolve in the future. In particular, it provides detailed information about how each train will move through the network. The prediction model takes as input the official timetable, current train positions, current infrastructure status and dispatchers decisions.

Conflict Identification: based on traffic prediction, network status and previous dispatching decisions,  the system determines potential future conflicts in the use of railway resources. Conflicts so identified are presented to dispatchers through suitable interfaces.

Conflict Resolution: when conflicts are identified, dispatching decisions must be taken to avoid them. Such decisions must satisfy all physical and logical constraints, including business rules. Suggested decisions (solutions) are presented to dispatchers in an interactive way. In fully automatic mode, decisions are directly carried out on the field by issuing commands to the signalling system.

Platform Assignment and Routing: as part of the conflict resolution process, the system also carries out re-routing decisions, including re-assigning available platforms and interlocking routes. Traffic predictions, network status and business rules are taken into account.

Automatic Route Setting: when trains approach or are scheduled to depart from a station, a set of fully customizable conditions for route blocking are verified and commands are issued to the corresponding interlocking.

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